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The internet over the past few years has become an essential part of the world we currently live in. It has vastly helped us to grow individually and as a society as a whole. Any query that comes to your mind and the internet has the answer to it. However, with the rise of social media, you need a good Wi-Fi connection in today’s time. But most importantly, you also need to make sure that your connection is running efficiently and to its full potential.

Imagine getting a new Wi-Fi connection with a high-quality package that suits your needs only to realize that the connection is not performing as per your liking. Sounds disappointing, doesn’t it? Well, it certainly is. While it is arguable that your connection could be at fault due to your service provider but if you live in an overpopulated neighborhood, the more likely reason would be that someone nearby is stealing your data. This is why you need WifiKill Pro in your life.

WifiKill Pro is the best version of the highly popular Wifi killer app WifiKill. It comes with a ton of extra features over the base version of the app although its overall purpose remains to be the same which is to prevent unauthorized devices from connecting to your personal Wi-Fi connection. In this article, we will be discussing various details about WifiKill Pro including how to download Wifikill Pro APK, device requirements to use the app and some of its key features.

Key Features – Wifi kill Pro Apk

When it comes to WifiKill Pro’s features, one expects it to be pretty standard and serving the sole purpose of deauthorizing illegal connections. However, that is very false as the app comes with a plethora of unique features. Here are some of them:

WIfiKIll is a free application which can be used to remove any unwanted devices from your personal Wi-Fi connection.

  • No ads in the Pro version.
  • It is active even in the background when the user is busy operating other apps.
  • Its user interface is quite easy  to understand
  • It provides the user with a list of devices that are connected to the same network as your device at the same time as you have connected to it.
  • It has device tracking abilities which help its users to find what device the unwanted device is using while connected to your network.
  • It comes with the ability to disable particular devices from being able to connect to your personal network.
  • “Grab Them All” feature for WifiKill Pro which allows the user to remove all unwanted devices at once.

How To Download WifiKilll Pro APK

WifiKill Pro is very easy to download on your Android device as it is widely available in websites that provide APKs. Apart from that, WifiKill Pro APK download is also a free procedure similar to the base version of the app. Here is how you do it.

Step 1: Open the default browser on your Android mobile device.

Step 2: Open Google and on the search bar, type in “Wifikill Pro APK download”

Step 3: From the search results, find an appropriate website and download the .APK file for the WifiKill Pro APK.

Step 4: Once the .APK file has been downloaded to your device, install the app through it.

Note: It is recommended to download the Wifi Kill apps APK file from the Top 3 websites that appear on your Google search results and to also download the latest version available of the app for best use.

WifiKill Pro APK Requirements

If you are using an Android phone in  2019, it is highly unlikely that your device will not support WifiKill Pro. However, if you need to make sure just in case, here is a detailed breakdown:

Multimedia compatibility

Root  access

Android 4.0  or higher

512MB RAM or higher

1MB of internal storage (Does not include updates)

Ability to connect to a Wi-Fi network

How to use WifiKIll Pro?

Using WifiKill Pro is quite easy even for a placenon-technical person purely due tto how easy it is to understand its interface and features. But for further assistance. We have come up with a step by step breakdown on how to use it to deauthorize unwanted devices from connecctiting to your Wi-Fi.

Step 1: Launch WifiKill Pro. Make sure that your device is connected to your Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Click on the “Play” option. This will start the scan for devices connected to your Wi-Fi.

Step 3: A list of connected devices will appear. Now simply click on the unwanted device and kick it out.

Wifikill Pro is a great application for anyone who is facing a speed issue on their Wi-Fi and wishes to efficiently get to the root of the matter themselves. It comes with a large number of features related to Wi-Fi issues most renowned of which is the ability to remove unwanted devices from a personal  Wi-Fi connection.

This was a short tutorial on how you can download Wifikill pro apk. Hope you liked it.